These are the Legal terms and conditions for Website Design & Development, Software Development, Website Hosting, Mobile App Development, Internet Marketing and apply to all work undertaken by Onsite assistance for its clients/Customers.
Our Costs and Deposits

Website Design & Development:-
You will have to Pay the sum total of 50 % of the total money payable after you give acknowledgment to the proposal presented by us. We will start working on your website development and design work soon after finalizing a mutually-agreed bid and accepting the consideration (Money). The remaining 50 % you will need to deposit when your project is completely finished and ready to be delivered to you.

“Onsite Assistance is an autonomous supplier of remote technical support administrations for programming, equipment, and peripherals. Our support expertise spans across a multitude of products from third-party vendors globally.”

Software Development:-
After you give go-ahead to our proposal for your website development, you will have to Deposit 50% of the agreed amount. After receiving the said amount, we will start working on your project. The rest amount you will need to deposit just before you get your finished project.

Website Hosting:-
We do the best Website Hosting after receiving the total hosting charge in advance from our Customers.

Domain Registration:-
We do register a domain on behalf of our Clients after receiving the total domain Payment.

Internet Marketing: –We provide malleable Payment Options to our esteemed Customers for SEO work. Here you will have the option of making your payments on quarterly, half-yearly or even yearly basis. The amount received will be for the period of the next 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

The Payment once made shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
Licensing After your website is ready, you will have the true valid license to use it. It will be under your aegis and you will be able to reap its benefits in the days to come.

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