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How can I transfer my MagicJack number to another provider?

So as to exchange a number on your magicJack record to another supplier, qualified solicitations ought to be started by your new specialist co-op, who will arrange the exchange.

Some important facts about MagicJack:

Your record number can be found by signing in to the gateway.

Whenever required by your new transporter, your magicJack record’s PIN number will be the secret phrase you use to sign in to the gateway. We prescribe you reset your secret key to a six-digit numerical secret phrase for accommodation amid the porting procedure.

When we have gotten the port solicitation from your new supplier, we will get in touch with you by means of email.

With the presentation of the new MagicJack establishment application, a large number of the magicJack enrollment issues have been disposed of and you currently have two different ways to enlist and get your magicJack Go gadget operational. You can abstain from snaring your gadget to your PC and rapidly utilize the site or you can guide the gadget into your USB drive on your PC and utilize the product application.

Magicjack Customer Service:

We recommend the MJREG site process in the event that you need to abstain from introducing the magicJack programming on your PC. This likewise enables you to get the gadget all set up for use without a PC and basically visiting the more site to complete establishment and enlistment. For use with a PC, you should utilize the product application for establishment. All you have to do is, take your phone and dial MagicJack Customer Service Number +1(888)414-2454. You will be assisted by our Onsiteassistances expert advisers and technicians. They will address your concern and resolve issues related to your MagicJack.

Resolve issues related to your MagicJack

The GO gadgets’ establishment is snappy, straightforward and simple and dispenses with a large portion of the magicJack establishment issues that individuals looked before. Anybody with essential PC understanding and a rapid Internet association can make it go. In the past purchasers have had numerous issues with more established variants of magicJack and their setup forms, however, most these entanglements had been killed with the MJREG enrollment site and now magicJack has made things a stride further with a fast introduce process for those that can’t explore the new enlistment site.

GO Preferred Activation Method Without A Computer

  • 1) The initial step is to attach your magicJack to the Ethernet link into the “Web” port on the magicJack Go. While doing this please make sure you hear the ‘click’ before moving to stage 2.
  • 2) The second step is to plug the opposite end of the Ethernet link into your modem or switch. Most switches have numerous Ethernet ports and you can pick whichever one you like. Again please make sure that you hear the ‘click’ again or your gadget won’t finish up setup effectively.
  • 3) The third step is to plug the RJ telephone jack link into the “Telephone” port on the magicJack Go. Again plug it in until you hear the snap. Additionally, ensure the opposite end is associated with the home telephone you need to utilize.
  • 4) The subsequent stage is to connect the magicJack Go to the included power connector straightforwardly or utilizing the USB expansion link.
  • 5) The fifth step is to connect the power connector to any attachment or outlet
  • 6) The 6th and last advance are to open up any program on your PC (MAC or PC), tablet or cell phone and visit the MJ Register site at and pursue the prompts. (Amid this procedure the PC, tablet or cell phone you utilize must be on a similar web organize as your magicJack GO gadget.) Here you can exchange your old gadgets record or begin another record. The means for the enlistment site are genuinely basic and direct however I have excluded them since I didn’t introduce my gadget along these lines.
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